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1.  A personal note
At the end of 2010, me and my family moved to France (in the Morvan) and I started offering courses in Medical French to non-French speakers. Prior to that, I taught French at secondary schools in the Netherlands and did many other things (writing training courses, rhyming dictionary for children, chairman trade association teachers French, etc.).
But the desire to return to France was too strong to ignore. Since I did voluntary work in France when I was 18 (at a home for homeless), and spent most of my student years there, my life has been all about France and the French language: an incredible source of inspiration.
I love to share my extensive knowledge of the French language and society with others, and in 2010, the medical world was added to that. And since I prepare a different course for every speciality, I have learned a lot in the past few years. The exchange with students who talk about their profession a lot has been an enriching experience. Partly because of the motivation of the students, we have succeeded in creating a working environment in which we can efficiently work with the French language, but which also provides room for humour, the pleasure of learning, or expressing frustration if speaking French proves to be harder than expected. I like to stay informed to find out if we are on the right track, or if we need to do things another way. During the course medical French, learning the language comes first. Besides that, I also notice that students want to learn more about the French culture and mentality. Therefore, I would like to make you part of all the interesting cultural differences there are, without attaching a certain value to that.
In short, I would gladly guide you during the exciting process of moving to France.

2.  Continuation references

Ine (general practitioner in Montsauche-les-Settons):
Course medical French, May 2011

November 2010 I met with Denis Roger, a French general practitioner in Mountsauche-les-Settons, to work in his practice for 4 weeks during the summer holidays of 2011. As a preparation for finally moving to the Morvan as a general practitioner.
My French skills were not that good: 4 years of VWO (no exam in French) and 1 week of individual training in 2009 in Angers. I did not study at home very often.
Fortunately, when I got a little restless thinking about having my own consultations in French, I was able to arrange for a week course in Medical French, short-term.
Maarten has prepared his courses very well, every day 4 role-plays on realistic cases, he is the patient, I am the doctor. Also psychosocial and psychiatric issues. Continue on paper and on DVD, texts and spoken fragments regarding medical subjects to talk about. He also knows quite a lot about the French medical care system and specific French problems. He also selected a few very practical books to practice with at home. Between May and July, we also Skyped for an hour every week, very practical to maintain and expand skills.
Maarten offers positive feedback, you really get the impression that you are doing well, and that everything is going to be OK. I have to say that I was very satisfied with my skills regarding consults in French during the summer. Without the course, it would have been much more difficult. The threshold to talk is really much lower after a course like this.

Dennis (Physiotherapist in Moulins-Engilbert):
The course Medical French with Maarten brought me a major step closer to working in France. My knowledge of the French language stems from the beginning of the 90s. With only two years of education in French and not having been in France for almost 20 years, I didn't have much to build on. During the course, I found out how I can make the language my own. Because of the fast decision to live and work in France, we had to act quick, and in my case, there was not enough time to create a solid foundation prior to the course. Therefore, we had to pay a lot of attention to basic grammar, and there was time for that. Attention was paid to my skill level and needs. Some of the things we did: practising job interviews, translating documents, practising role playing as therapist-patient, which included many medical terms related to my area of expertise. The use of good grammar books, articles, movies, and podcasts, all focused on my area of expertise was very valuable. The location of the course, at his home, was a big plus for me. A great personal approach, and I really got a taste of the French life in this area.