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Le centre de formation pour le français médical a été intégré dans la SARL Work your Way to France.
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The teacher + references

1.  The teacher

Focus, animated, inspired, knowledgeable, bilingual, good knowledge of the English language, ...

All lessons are taught by Maarten Stroes, a completely bilingual teacher who has provided training to many medical professionals in Medical French since November 2010.
Besides that, he is an interpreter-translator French-Dutch for the courthouse of Bourges and he occasionally fills in for teachers French at secondary school in his department 'La Nièvre'.

A few facts:

Maarten Stroes (31 July 1970 in Rotterdam)
Licence (bachelor) ‘Lettres Modernes’, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier
Maîtrise (master) ‘Français Langue Etrangère’, Université Charles de Gaulle, Lille
Degree French Language and Culture, VU University Amsterdam (1995 Cum Laude) Postgraduate Teacher's training, VU University Amsterdam
Working experience
Teacher medical French (November 2010 – now)
Interpreter-translator French-Dutch for Cour d’Appel de Bourges (2012 - now)
Teacher French, as a substitute teacher at ‘collèges’ in the department ‘Nièvre’ (May 2013-now)
Teacher French Havo/Vwo, Vituscollege Bussum (1998-2010)
Former chairman of the Dutch association of French teachers (Living Languages)
Project leader European elections of the French Top 580 (for the international federation of French teachers in Paris)
Author of different educational materials and of a rhyming dictionary (‘Mon Premier Van Dale’)

For more information, please check my LinkedIn - Maarten Stroes.

2.  References

Karen (Gastroenterologist in Clermont-Ferrand):
Working in France... Emigration... Living in France... Well, you would have to speak French of course.
I never thought that I, a Flemish math genius without much of a feeling for languages, would ever make this choice. I have always admired people who were able to learn a language. To me, learning French equalled blood, sweat, and tears, sometimes with little results.
Driven by the will to succeed in my choice, to become a doctor and integrate in 'La douce France', I registered for an intensive course in medical French.
The week with Maarten, who submerged me in the French language, was fantastic. Maarten is one of those people who mastered the language and knows how to get you excited to dive in as well. He prepared everything perfectly; a very interactive program, great balance between vocabulary and grammar, with sometimes medical, and at other times daily French.
My level was better than I expected - for which I should thank my French teacher of 15 years ago! - which made us go through the program faster than expected. At night, I enjoyed(!!!) working with the French language (CDs, DVDs, extra exercises, ... Maarten can get you anything you want), while Maarten worked on the program of the next day, based on the issues we encountered that day.
In short: 'A tailor-made course that allowed me to learn more about the finesse of the language and to discover love for the language'.


Rienk (Company doctor in Montceau-les-Mines):
I got to know Maarten during 5 days of intensive 1-on-1 lessons. Maarten was very well prepared and created a diverse program, inspired by my daily work as a company doctor. With among other things medical terminology, small role-playing, reading, and discussing scientific articles, alternated with a grammar training, a bit of argot and patois, explanation of the (seemingly) never-ending list of abbreviations, and many other 'regular ordinary French stuff'. Maarten is an enthusiastic, patient, and involved teacher, and he is very good in explaining this 'cultural curiosity' in such a way, that even a doctor can understand it. The lessons were very helpful to me, and I can recommend them to anyone.

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