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Le centre de formation pour le français médical a été intégré dans la SARL Work your Way to France.
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This page contains extra information regarding the contents of the lessons,
for the main information, please check out homepage > 'the lessons'.

1.  The lessons

The course in Medical French is an intensive course regarding the medical language in medical professional situations. It is intended for non-French speakers who have a medical profession and are or will be working in France.
For every profession, there is a course that focuses on that speciality. There are separate courses Medical French for General Practitioners, Company Doctors, Specialists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, etc.

The basic principle of the course is the 'submerge method', which makes sure that the student is fully exposed to the French language, and will help him or her to fully express himself or herself in French. Only in exceptional cases (for example when dealing with complex grammar rules), other languages such as English might be used. Even though all skills (oral, listening, reading, writing) will pass by, focus is mainly on oral skills, which is practiced through role-play and talking about the medical profession of the student.

The course gets its final set-up based on the specific needs of the student, sometimes in consultation with the employer. Some students want to practice job interviews or a conversation with for example 'l'Ordre des Médecins'. Others prefer to work on their written French.
If you let us know what your preferences are at least a month prior to your course, anything is possible.

The intensive course in Medical French is about more than just contact hours. If you register, you will receive some preparation material after we first established your skill level. This will help you get the most out of your course. Besides that, at the end of the training you will receive materials that match your subjects and would require your attention. The study books have also been selected based on if they can be used for independent studying after the course.

The course Medical French is of course a language course and not a medical course. This means that you will learn what language is part of a neurological study, but the teacher will leave the scientific part of such a study up to you. However, it does touch upon a few subjects that rise above the language domain. There is a lot of attention for the practical issues that are part of working in France and attention is also paid to the cultural differences between France and the other countries. A lot of helpful information regarding that comes from the experiences of former students who are now working in France. Finally, you can use your internship to view a number of medical French books that might be interesting to order.

2.  Rates for courses elsewhere in France

Distances up until 50 km from Préporché (single journey):
No extra charge
Distances over 50 km (single journey):
A kilometre rate of 20 cents per kilometre
Distances of over 75 km (single journey):
If you have good accommodations available, the course can be offered at your home or work up until 375 km from Préporché at no extra costs. If the distance exceeds 375 km, 20 ct/extra km is charged. If the teacher has to stay overnight in a hotel, there is a surcharge of €75 a day.

3.  Payment conditions, contracts

You or your employer always receive a contract ('convention') prior to the course. This contract meets all the French requirements regarding educational institutes for professional training. You need to sign this contract. It includes - among other things - the dates of the course, the contents of thee course, the rate, and the payment conditions. In order to finalise the planning of the course, an advance payment of 30% is requested. This amount must be paid within 10 days after signing the contract. The remaining amount will have to be paid within 2 weeks after the course ended.
After signing the contract, you or your employer have 10 days to cancel the contract. After that, you or your employer owe 30% of the course fee. The contract that is sent to you also mentions what amounts are owed if you were to quit halfway through the course.